Xfce (New) Mixer – Work in Progress

Our Xfce mixer application relied on the mixer element provided by GStreamer 0.10. Unfortunately, with GStreamer 1.10, the mixer element has been completely removed. Few operating systems still deliver the older version of GStreamer required by the Xfce mixer, as a consequence it was removed from most repositories.

The fact that most people uses PulseAudio under Linux (for which we have a functional panel plugin), and the huge effort that took us to migrate Xfce from gtk2/dbus-glib to gtk3/GDBus, no much interest the mixer was getting, and ended up being almost an archived project.

In this post I would like to share that I’m currently working on the mixer to bring it back! The new mixer will support the following backends/platforms:

1. Linux (Pulseaudio, Alsa)

2. FreeBSD (OSSv4, Pulseaudio, Alsa emulation, sndio)

3. OpenBSD (sndio, Pulseaudio)

Below are two screenshots of the mixer, the first one under FreeBSD with the OSSv4 backend, the second one under OpenSUSE 15.2 with PulseAudio backend.

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